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Discounted due to very flat topography and lack of space to accomodate a large channel. Wouldn't address tidal flooding

Options for Reducing Flood Risk

In order to identify the preferred combination of flood risk management measures it is necessary to carry out an appraisal of the individual options and combination of options against various criterion. This process is referred to as option appraisal.

The first stage of the option appraisal stage was to identify a long list of options and to carry out a preliminary assessment of the long list to produce a short list of options for more detailed assessment. The following options were discounted from the long list at an early stage:

Potential solutions to address flooding...

There are a variety of methods that can be adopted to reduce flood risk. The suitability of these methods depends on the source of flooding e.g. does the risk originate from high tides and storm surges from the sea or is it due to heavy rainfall.

The table below lists many of the methods for reducing flood risk and their suitability for each source of flooding:

The short listed options were assessed under the categories of economics, technical/ engineering, social/ environment and compared against the project objectives. The shortlisted options were presented to the public and further details can be found on the Public Consultation Event No. 1 page.

The views of the public together with the assessment of the options noted above were used to reduce the short listed option to a preferred option. Further details of the preferred option can be found here.

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