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Need for a Flood Protection Scheme

We hear many people questioning the need for the scheme as significant flooding hasn't occurred in decades. Whilst that might be true, this does not mean there is no risk of flooding. It simply means the town has not experienced an extreme flood in recent years. On average every few years the Grange Burn has been close to overtopping onto adjacent roads and properties and in August 2020 the largest flow on record was measured on the River Avon.


These high tide levels that occur every 1 or 2 years are high probability/ low impact events whereas the scheme is seeking to protect against low probability/ very high impact events that would cause extensive damage to property and infrastructure and could even lead to loss of lives.


Extensive analysis has been carried out over many years reviewing the best available information on sea levels and rainfall and Grangemouth is at risk of flooding, primarily from the sea but also due to flooding from the rivers/ burns caused by heavy rainfall. This has been verified by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Scottish Government. Many residents also report that they are unable to insure their properties against damage due to flooding and support the need for the scheme.

Further information can be found in the pages linked below:

Forth estuary flood risk management strategy cover image

Flood Risk Management Strategy

Flooding image

Source of Flooding

Forth estuary floor risk management plan cover image

Flood Risk Management Plan

Flood map image

View Flood Maps

Image by Herbert Goetsch

Scheme Objectives


Historic Flooding

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