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Preferred Scheme

Following the appraisal of different options a preferred scheme was identified. The preferred scheme comprises flood defence walls and embankments, flood gates, flow control structures, drainage works and the replacement of the lock gates in the port.

Around 28km of flood defence walls and embankments will be built. These will vary in height along different sections of the river according to the specific flood risk in each area. In public and residential areas the walls will feature a variety of attractive stone or patterned concrete finishes and coping stones designed to complement the area. In some locations they will also feature large glass viewing panels allowing people views of the river helped, in places, by raised footpaths.

Improved drainage infrastructure, including new underground pumping stations will be constructed, to remove excess water emanating from the town in the event of heavy rains and/or inability of water to drain into the watercourses when river levels are high.


Diversion and protection of the many public utility services such as gas, water and telephone connections will be carried out to allow construction of the flood defences and ensure continuity of service at all times.

Details of the proposed works can be found using the link below. The defences shown on the map of the proposed works are not fully finalised and the map may change as the outline design is completed.

Flood Cells

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Tree Felling


In many flood risk areas, development of roads, footpaths and buildings has taken place right up to the very edge of the rivers. The position of existing buildings, roads and footpaths makes them vulnerable to flooding but also dictates the position and type of defences which can be built to protect homes, businesses and people. 
Unfortunately, in some instances the only location new flood defences can be constructed is in place of existing trees . This means that some trees will have to be felled in order to accommodate the proposed flood defences. Further information on tree felling and tree planting can be found here.

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