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Engagement Event No. 1

As part of the option appraisal process for the Grangemouth Flood Protection Scheme, engagement event no .1 took place on 27 February 2018 and 19 April 2018. The event enabled residents / business owners and the public to view and comment on the options being considered and provide further information on the proposed scheme.


The purpose of theevent was to:

  • Explain why Falkirk Council are taking a scheme forward for the Grangemouth area,

  • Provide a general understanding of flood risk,

  • Communicate the current level of flood risk throughout the Scheme,

  • Communicate the benefits of providing a flood protection scheme to the Grangemouth area,

  • Communicate the status of the Scheme's design - present the options which have been considered and some of the early discounted options, and

  • Gauge and record the public reaction to the scheme.


The boards displayed at the event can be viewed below:

Consultation Slide 1

The 3D animations below show what the scheme may look like for the options being considered. At this stage these are purely illustrative of the type of work to be carried out in each area. As the design develops more detail will become available on matters such as the finish and appearance of flood defence walls e.g. are they clad in brick or stone or will they be plain or patterned concrete.

Consultation Event No. 1 - Full Scheme
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Consultation Event No. 1 - Grange Burn Option A
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Consultation Event No. 1 - Grange Burn Option B
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Consultation Event No. 1 - Grange Burn Option C
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Post Event Report

Following the consultation events a report was compiled to summarise the events and record the views of those who completed the feedback questionnaire and/ or provided comments. The report can be accessed by clicking on the icon below:

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