These objectives were set at the commencement of the development of the Scheme and have sought to guide the appraisal of options with the aim being to construct a scheme that satisfies the majority of these objectives.

General Objectives

To develop a Flood Protection Scheme (the Scheme) in accordance with measures set out in the Forth Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy and Local Flood Risk Management Plan to reduce flood risk at Grangemouth The Scheme will be promoted under the 2009 Act The Scheme will consider all possible practical options for reducing flood risk The Scheme will provide multiple benefits to the local community

Social Objectives

The Scheme meets the goals and values of Falkirk Council, namely by: (2.1): further developing a thriving sustainable and vibrant economy; continuing to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of citizens and communities; increasing efforts to tackle disadvantage and discriminations; enhancing and sustaining an environment in which people want to live and visit; promoting public service, performance and partnership. The Scheme is aligned with Falkirk Council's priorities set out in the council's Corporate Plan and Development Services - Service Performance Plan (2.2) The Scheme is compliant with Falkirk Council's Strategic Outcomes and Local Delivery Plan (2.3) Community Benefits will be incorporated into the Scheme (2.4)

Economic Objectives

The Scheme has a Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) greater than one (3.1) An Economic Assessment is undertaken to evidence the economic benefit and cost associated with the Scheme, this assessment is produced prior to the outline design stage (3.2) The preferred Scheme represents the best value for money for the Council (3.3) The Scheme is delivered in line with the National Planning Framework Action Programme for the Grangemouth investment zone (3.4) The Scheme aims to increase development activity in the Falkirk / Grangemouth corridor such as Falkirk TIF initiative (3.5) The Scheme provides a platform for the regeneration of Grangemouth (3.6)

Hydraulic Objectives

The Scheme reduces overall flood risk (5.1) The Scheme delivers the required level of protection (5.2) The Scheme will not materially increase flood risk to residential and non-residential properties in Grangemouth (5.3)

Technical Objectives

The Scheme is technically viable (6.1) Residual flood risk will be documented and identified to Falkirk Council (6.2)