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News Release, 1 May 2024

Grangemouth Flood Protection Scheme Commences Scheme Notification

  • GFPS statutory notification starts on 9 May 2024

  • Around 10,000 notification notices will be sent by post to affected properties across the scheme area

  • Notices will also appear in local papers and in prominent locations, such as on lampposts

  • The scheme documents will be available online on the GFPS website or to view at Falkirk Stadium

  • The notification period runs until midnight on Sunday 16 June

  • Objections can be made in writing and by email to Falkirk Council during this time

The Grangemouth Flood Protection Scheme (GFPS) will commence statutory notification next week (9 May 2024).

Statutory notices and letters from Falkirk Council will be delivered to around 10,000 properties which will be affected by the GFPS. This will include those that benefit from a reduction in flood risk, land that will have flood defences constructed on them or land that will be affected temporarily to construct the defences.

This means that a notice will be issued to every person, business and organisation whose land or property will be affected by the flood scheme in Grangemouth, Wholeflats, Glensburgh, Langlees, Carron, Carronshore and Camelon (Stirling Road). Notices will start arriving next week. The notification period lasts until 16 June 2024.

Scheme notification is a requirement of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.


At the same time the notices are issued a series of documents including scheme drawings, the schedule of scheme operations and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) will be made available for viewing. These scheme documents will be published on the GFPS website at and will also be available to view at the council’s office in the Falkirk Stadium.


Notices will also be placed in the Falkirk Herald, Edinburgh Gazette and displayed at locations across the scheme area, such as on lamp posts in the communities where scheme operations or  works are proposed.


Councillor Bryan Deakin, Falkirk Council’s spokesperson for Climate Change, said: “This is a key milestone for the project. It is vital that everyone who receives the scheme notification letter and notice, reads them carefully to make sure they are aware of what is happening and how they can make comment or objections.”

Following the publication of the scheme notice, objections can be submitted to all or part of the proposed flood protection scheme. An objection is valid if it is made in writing, sets out the name and address of the objector, and is made within the time periods stated on the notice. This can be done by writing to Chief Governance Officer, GFPS Objections, Falkirk Council, The Foundry, 4 Central Boulevard, Central Park, Larbert, FK5 4RU or by emailing

All valid objections will be considered by Falkirk Council, before it makes its decision on how to proceed with the scheme.


Anyone who requires further help or information can contact the GFPS team via the Falkirk council contact centre at 01324 506070 or emailing

Notes to editors:

As the largest flood defence project in Scotland and one of the biggest in the United Kingdom, the Grangemouth Flood Protection Scheme was identified as the highest national priority given the potentially significant impacts for the community if an extreme flood event were to occur. While other parts of Scotland have been affected by flooding over the last five years, the Grangemouth area has fortunately avoided significant flooding. However, the town and surrounding communities are at risk of fluvial and coastal flooding impacts.

On completion, the scheme will protect 6,025 people, 2,760 homes, 1,200 non-residential property and road and rail infrastructure. It will also provide 28km (17 miles) of flood defence walls, embankments, the installation of flood gates, flow regulation measures and drainage work. The scheme will also include works at the entrance to the Port of Grangemouth and within the petrochemical complex.


Falkirk Council is determined to provide better protection for the town and surrounding areas and is working with its consultant Jacobs to design, plan and deliver the new flood defences.

Follow GFPS on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube @grangemouthfps.

Further information is available on

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