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Flood Relief Channel Inlet

Protecting communities in Grangemouth, Wholeflats, Glensburgh, Langlees, Carron and Carronshore

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will benefit from this nationally important scheme

The Grangemouth Flood Protection Scheme is the largest flood defence project in Scotland and one of the biggest in the United Kingdom, protecting communities in Grangemouth, Wholeflats, Glensburgh, Langlees, Carron, Carronshore and Stirling Road, Camelon.

The scheme was identified as the highest priority given the potentially huge costs if an extreme flood event were to occur. Whilst other parts of Scotland have been significantly affected by flooding over the last 5 years, Grangemouth has fortunately avoided significant flooding.

Works are planned along the River Carron from Stirling Road to the Port, on the Grange Burn from Beancross to the Port and on the River Avon from Wholeflats Road to the Firth of Forth with coastal defences along the estuary frontage.

The project team are continuing to develop the outline design and will continue to engage with the public and affected stakeholders prior to the statutory publication of the proposed final scheme expected  in 2024.

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