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Examples of Flood Defences


Flood defences do not always take the form of grey concrete walls.


How the finished flood defence will look will vary depending on its location. This may vary from plain concrete in industrial areas or areas where they won't generally be visible, to patterned concrete walls or walls with stone or brick cladding applied where they are highly visible and in areas with high landscape value. Walls can also incorporate glass panels to maintain views of the river if the walls are particularly high.


Flood defences can also take the form of grass or wildflower covered embankments although the footprint of these is considerably larger than walls. The images below illustrate some of the potential types of finishes that may be incorporated into the scheme.

Other Types of Flood Defences


As well as permanent flood defence walls and embankments, the scheme will incorporate other types of flood defences such as flood gates and demountable barriers that are erected/ closed in advance of a forecast flood event, pumping stations and control structures to limit how much water enters watercourses. Examples of these type of defences are shown below.

Floor Gate image

Flood Gate

Flow-control image

Control Structure

Demountable flood defence image

Demountable Defence

Pump well image

Pumping Station

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